The Most Talented Bobby Blackboot

3 Apr

Rolbos: The Most Talented Bobby Blackboot

Rolbos ©

ara-terry-ankle-boots-for-women-in-black-leather~p~4501g_01~1500.3 “You guys remember Bobby? Bobby Blackboot?”

Rolbos has been rather quiet lately, with nobody doing something outrageously stupid or exceedingly clever. Life, you may say, has been easy, with days slotting seamlessly into each other. Now, after the many mishaps and adventures over the past few years, the patrons in Boggel’s Place spend the days staring out of the window or into their empty glasses.

Boggel, of course, checks the till at the end of every evening and he is worried. If his customers stop talking, they stop drinking. There just isn’t a point in enjoying something cool if you don’t impart the wisdom you acquire while savouring whatever IQ-enhancing content you prefer in your glass. Like any good barman will tell you: get your customers excited, and your sales go up. That’s why he mentions Bobby.

Gertruida brightens immediately despite Servaas’ scowl. Of course they remember. How could they…

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