The Front House is a novel serial depicting the struggles of a nation, British Guiana. Beginning in the first novel, we witness a dying man’s irrational fear of losing his family’s sugarcane estate to a communist takeover. As the inhabitants of the land cast off the shackles of British colonialism, the story begins to unfold, in exhibiting the insecurities of John Simpson, the wealthy landowner of Pastureland Village.

Even on his death bed, John Simpson, the old and dying man, fights against the possibility of the inhabitants of the land, ever assuming control over their own future, politically and economically, as they slowly move towards the status of becoming a self-rule nation, Guyana. Still, this is the back drop story to the main stories in each of the twelve novels and which are played-out through the lives of a particular laboring population. Pitted against the rich, the readers find themselves in the midst of the social and economic fight, between the wealthy but uncompassionate landowner, Simpson Industries and the villagers.

However, the hostilities between the two forces, rich and poor, are only one of the stories which feature the strained dynamic between the inhabitants of Pastureland Village. The rich are those with political, social and economic wealth and therefore, exert this power over the poor. The poor are then pawns to the whims and wiles of those who have money. Ultimately, the poor then becomes vulnerable to the power of money and its masters.

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  1. Joel Savage October 29, 2013 at 6:20 pm #

    The essence of colonialism is to oppress the poor, because they are weak to defend themselves. While alive a poor man loses his little property to the colonial master. Therefore there is every reason for a dying man to be worried of losing his family’s sugarcane estate. ‘The Front of the House’ highlights of the past in colonial era, at the same time history is repeating itself in this era in many ways. An interesting and educative book recommended for all ages.

  2. Kev June 28, 2014 at 5:16 am #

    Kharis, You should check out Chris at http://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/contact-me/ I’m sure he’ll be happy to do an author page for ya. Kev.

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